It's almost the end of the year!
As we enter the 12th month, the month of enlightenment as I call it, we are preparing to embody more Christ Consciousness than at any other time of the year.  If we look at the year as our opportunity to learn and grow as we work our way through the energies of each month, then December is the final call.

The Light Codes help us to reawaken our Christ Codes.  That's our divine mission; to fully embody Christ Consciousness.  

Every Week is a Christ Consciousness Light Codes Activation

  • Reactivate your Christ Codes!
  • Awaken your cellular memory!
  • Heal at the level of the DNA!
  • Open and activate your Heart Chakra!
  • Let Go and Let God...Surrender!
  • Experience what inner Harmony is and know how to hold that.
  • Find your inner Joy!
  • Awaken your Brow Chakra!
  • Come into Unity Consciousness!
During each transmission, I am given visions and messages through the Sacred Sounds and Light Language that incorporate the Light Codes Transmission and you also awaken to the Visionary in you! 

This is a Gift of the Brow Chakra.

The transmissions are purely Sacred Sound, Sacred Mantras and Language of Light. 

These Light Codes Transmissions can assist with Awakening, Healing and Aligning with the Higher Frequencies, Awakening Third Eye Chakra, Raising Kundalini, connecting and merging with your twin flame and more......

Check your time zone. 
We go live at 12pm Cairo Time (GMT+2)

Each week is just $13:13 for my time paid in advance. 

December has 4 Mondays including Christmas Day.  You don't have to attend, because if you can't make it, you receive the recorded Light Codes anyway and you can do them at your leisure!

One Month Membership is $52.52 AUD

Value is by far more than that.

Do you feel Called?
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